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Criminals are a big threat to life!

Posted: Tue, December 29, 2015 | By:

by Masereka Solomon

Crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. Criminals commit crimes and crimes have been committed in every corner on this earth, people have been killed, robbed and others have been displaced from their beautiful settlements.

Masereka Solomon
Masereka Solomon

Crime has affected humanity both directly and indirectly leaving big scares on humanity’s minds thus having a seriously mentally affected population. This population may seem okay but its troubles are left unseen hence a threat to life and longevity is under attack if crime is ignored.

Many individuals may achieve good health, but how safe are we from the goons who are mindless about the life of other people? Crime should be discussed as a disease that needs constant response.

I’m forced to write about this because it’s been ignored for so long that I even lost a loved one to the criminals. My elder sister was murdered and it hurts so much because it’s very possible to reduce such crimes against humanity.

My request is that please, if you feel you have the capacity to change our communities positively, please do so. Please come up and do good work for a better tomorrow for present and future generations. Ignoring something bad is dangerous because it means empowering the wrong elements.

Let’s protect life because it is an important property.

Give justice by being good, live longer by promoting justice, use your knowledge positively and it will define power. Emotional damage is hard to deal with, so be kind, caring and loving to reduce these bad issues. Uplifting someone’s state of mind is a good service.

Happy Holidays.


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