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Condoms and Sex Ed at Pearl Vocational College - thanks to BBI

Posted: Thu, November 09, 2017 | By: Uganda

​by Kato Mukasa

Empowering Teens,Young Mothers and Community Leaders on Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights at Pearl Vocational Training College 9/11/2017.

Dear friends with the support from Brighter Brains Institute, and a friend, we raised $110 and we have been able to get condoms :(male and Female condoms), hired a nurse; bought some refreshments and carried out a successful awareness campaign empowering people to be in charge of their bodies.

We were able to talk about :

- Health Rights
- Family Planning methods
- Issues related to abortion
- Demonstrated how to use female and male condoms
- Listened to the fears and myths about family planning methods and gave professional answers.
- Distributed pills and condoms to the participants and encouraged others (those who are shy to receive them in public )to find them at our local clinic.

This has been a very vital training that we intend to do more often especially in holidays when several teens are back from school.

We are grateful for the support got from BBI and our medical friends including Dr. Twineamatsiko Andrew among many others who gave us training and knowledge on abortion related matters in the medical and legal perspectives.

Thanks to team HALEA and Pearl for making this possible.


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