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Clinic Report from St. Michael’s Primary School

Posted: Thu, December 22, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​St. Michael’s Primary School is located at the “end of the road” that leads from Kyarumba Trading Center to the Ruwenzori Mountains. The school is very poor, with only one building made out of sticks and mud.

Five members of the Brighter Brains Institute stumbled across this school as they were hiking up into the mountains, in search of chimpanzees. The children were so hungry they left the classroom when they saw us, in hopes of obtaining food.

Bob Pellissier - one of the members of that expedition - set up a clinic to provide free medical care to these children. Below is a report from that clinic of the final term of 2016.

St. Michael’s is a religious school. Brighter Brains Institute generally supports only humanist schools, but in this remote area - we decided to help the children immediately. In Uganda, the poorest, most remote rural areas only have religious schools, if any at all, because there aren’t enough children in the communities for the government to justify building a public school.

Eliza Kabugha - medic at St. MIchael's Clinic
the medic at St. MIchael’s Clinic


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