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Charter Bus Fees — research by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, plus hotel and lunch costs

Posted: Wed, September 14, 2016 | By: Volunteer

Normally these hiring vehicles demand hiring fee, cost of fuel/gas and an allowance to the Driver and they also value the time spent whether its full day or half day.

These are my findings:

1. How much will it cost to transport 15 people to Nyakiyumbu, if they all have seatbelts? What if only 7-8 go?

ANSWER: The 15 – 18 sitter will go for 120$ total, this includes hiring fee, cost of gas and a small allowance to the Driver for one day. The 8 sitter Ipsum or Noah will cost 95$ with cost of hire, gas & driver allowance for one day.

2. How much to rent a big bus like that to tour Queen Elizabeth National Park for a day?

ANSWER: 130 $ with all costs inclusive.

3. What is the cost to rent a bus that takes us up past Kilembe to Ruboni Community Camp in the Ruwenzori National Park?

ANSWER: 100 $ will all costs inclusive

4. What is the cost to rent a big bus to take us to Kyarumba, just 1 hour away?

ANSWER: 90 $ with all costs inclusive.

5. What is the cost to stay at Whitehouse Hotel?

White House normally charges between 11 - 12 $ per night.

6. Could Brighter Brains pay KHPS to feed the volunteers lunch? What would that cost be in US $ ?

I think during your time here, we could do a general shopping of all the foods the volunteers love to eat and we cook it for them as lunch. May be we shall assign a cook to do that work at a fee for the time the volunteers will be around say 50$ to be paid to the cook.

Hope this info is helpful.

Bwambale M Robert
School Director
Kasese Humanist Primary School
(Rukoki / BiZoHa Muhokya/ BiZoHa Kahendero)


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