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Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy

Posted: Sun, October 18, 2015 | By:

Brighter Brains Institute offers a unique Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy

The goal of the certificate is to:

1) inform students of the numerous factors that influence brain health,

2) convey solutions that promote brain health,

3) encourage students to become “brain health activists” - both globally and within their communities.

Brighter Brains Institute is interested in alleviating conditions that cause brain damage in developing nations and disadvantaged communities; for example, we are supportive of efforts like the St. Lucia Project. We are also interested in numerous other categories of brain health, such as education, malnutrition, family dynamics, Alzheimer’s, sport concussions, nootropics, pollution, empathy, exercise, genetic counseling, breastfeeding, biohackers, transhumanism, and prison conditions.

The Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy requires completion of seven specific assignments to obtain graduation. The coursework can be completed at your own pace - it is acceptable if you do it in 4 weeks, or 4 years, or any amount of time in-between.

The seven requirements include reading brain health material, writing two book reviews and three articles on brain health for publication, and a final paper that presents original ideas on how to provide brain health to a specific community.

Our intention is to transform every person who obtains our certificate into an effective neuro-activist who can help a community obtain “brighter brains.”

Assignment # 1 - Read 15 essays on brain health. Write a brief synopsis of each essay, expressing your personal opinion.

Assignment # 2 - Read a book on brain health, selected from a list of possibilities. Write a review of the book, for publication at and/or The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.

Assignment # 3 - Write a news report article on a recent brain health discovery, for publication.

Assignment # 4 - Select a specific category of brain health that interests you, and write an essay on the topic, for publication. (Rewrites might be required)

Assignment # 5 - Select a second category of brain health that interests you, and write an essay on the topic, for publication.

Assignment # 6 - Final Paper - write a paper defining a specific brain health issue that exists within either your community, or a community that you are knowledgeable about. The paper must provide carefully-researched and logical solutions to the brain health predicament. Your paper will be published by Brighter Brains Institute, archived at the site, and distributed to policy-makers, social activists, and academics.

Assignment # 7 - write a Summary of what you have learned in the Certificate course, with an explanation of how you will apply this new knowledge in the world.

Students who complete the course work will receive a Certificate and a letter of recommendation from Brighter Brains Institute. Their association with Brighter Brains Institute will be permanent; references they request in the future will be quickly provided. If their coursework for Brighter Brains Institute is exceptional, they will be offered a position as Fellow.

The cost of the Certificate Program is $200, with special rates for students from developing nations.

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Brighter Brains Institute [BBI] is a USA think tank dedicated to enhancing brain health. Our mission is to:

1) educate the public on how to safeguard and elevate their cognitive capacities,

2) influence government organizations to enact policies that provide mental health to the citizenry,

3) provide humanitarian aid for brain health via educational, economic, and medical support


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