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Bwethe Children Fed via BBI Donations

Posted: Wed, March 16, 2016 | By: Past Projects

The schoolchildren of Bwethe, Uganda, have received funds from three generous contributors to the Brighter Brains Institute, enough to supply them with two weeks of free lunch food.

Bwethe is located in the Ruwenzori foothills, 3 miles above the small village of Kyarumba. There is no road to Bwethe, just a trail for walking and daring “boda-bodas” (small motorcycles, generally made in China).

Brighter Brains Institute established “H+ Clinic” at Bwethe to serve the health needs of 200 primary schoolchildren there. Previous generous donors to the Bwethe community, via BBI, have donated soccer balls, an electric piano, books, educational materials, and similar amounts of food to the Bwethe community.

The town is exceptionally beautiful, high on a ridge overlooking two valleys. The majority of people are farmers, particularly in coffee.

The recent donations to BBI to feed Bwethe children were made by Kathy Wilson, Kennita Watson, and Brad Levin. We thank them for their kindness, and the children of Bwethe thank you too!

Below are photos of the lunch porridge being distributed.


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