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Bwambale Robert Musubaho visits Mother Givers School

Posted: Tue, November 01, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

I today hiked the hills of Mount Rwenzori purposely to visit Mother Givers School located in Buhanga Kyarumba, it was a thrilling, exciting journey, its great that the symbol of free-thought is being felt on the hill tops, Science & Reason rocks!

I today visited Mother Givers School located in Buhanga, a rural village located up in the hills of Mount Rwenzori. (It is interested in being Humanist)

I began my journey in Kasese at 7:40 AM in the morning, drove my fuel friendly Toyota Corolla 88 to

Kyarumba trading centre. The fact that the place I was going to is a hilly area, I had to leave my car at Kyarumba and boarded a motorcycle to Buhanga the area where Mother Givers School is located.

At 10: 00 AM I was already at Mother Givers School, the school is located in a remote place which is hard to reach and even the Motorcycle riders don’t normally want to climb there because the place is very steep.

At Mother Givers School, I was welcomed by the School Director of the School Mr. Tsongo Simon and the Women’s Group chairperson Kabugho Victorina plus a section of some other women who form part of the women group.

I was warmly welcomed, signed in the visitor’s book, and did some official work in regard to the school status, operation, management, challenges, successes and way forward.

I was moved around where I witnessed all that goes on at the school, greeted the lovely children at the school where I was moved in each classroom and saw active learning. The pupils showed me that indeed they like to be in school, looked to have charisma to learn.

I mentioned about Humanism and what it means to be Humanist, the kids were so receptive and eager to know more about Humanism. I saw the Future Path Classroom which was the smartest classroom at this school, the changing room, 3 stance pit latrine, 4 classrooms, open air kitchen, cassava mill machine ,Mini library, mini clinic to mention but a few.

I encouraged them to keep on the struggle of keeping the women group and school active because their presence is of value as it helps out many children to get an education and above all improving lives of the women and children.

At 2:30 PM, I was seen off from Mother Givers Humanist School. I was offered a gift of a Cock, something I appreciated so much. Thank you so much for that gesture.I arrived back in Kasese at 4:30 PM.

On behalf of my school projects, I thank the Women’s group for having come up with an idea to put in place a school of some sort. Africa needs more Schools than places of worship; Africa needs Schools, Hospitals, Industries and so many other constructive things in order to debunk its current problems of poverty, disease, ignorance and irrational superstitious beliefs.

Attached are some of the images of my tour of the Mother Givers School.

Science & Reason rocks, With Science, we can progress.


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