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Building an Eco-Hut to support Kahendero Humanist School

Posted: Sun, February 26, 2017 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Bamboo trees arrive at the Kahendero School. We aim at building an eco village at the Kahendero School - another great project that will favor the school getting known to the wider audience at the same time earning the school and community members jobs which is one of our core values as we fight poverty, disease, ignorance & irrational superstitious beliefs.

With Science, we can progress

In an effort to ensure we tap extra funds from tourism,we are much interested eco tourism since its a learning process and a great tool that encourages outdoor learning.

We are in the early stages trying to put several huts going to be built with a passion of Africa, we have to devise measures that will favor us earn a living from tourists.

The Kahendero School boarders Queen Elizabeth National Park which is highly in a variety of fauna & flora. Each night we have scores of animals from the smaller one to the heavy ones plus a series of birds filled up in the air coupled with a scenery of lake George in the back ground.

The bamboo was sourced from a friend of mine who has scores of bamboo trees. For the start am planning putting up the first hut at the Kahendero school. It will be built from cheap raw materials like bamboo, mud, trees peel off,wood, anti hill soils, papyrus and grass.

Construction works of Hut 1 will commence soon, watch this space for updates. more huts are needed to create an eco village where occupants of the huts can take a glance of the park animals at night grazing, hippos, leopards, bush bucks, elephants , wild pigs are common and can be spotted at night.

Attached are images of the bamboo being ferried from the field en-route to Kahendero Humanist School.

To support this initiative, chip in something little, it goes an extra mile to help us achieve our goal and admiration.

Science & Reason rocks, we are part of the animal kingdom and have a right to intermingle with other animals in this one life we all share.

With Science, we can progress.


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