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Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective - Organization Description (with photos)

Posted: Thu, June 16, 2016 | By: Buhanga



Back ground of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group

Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group is a community Based membership organisation

Registration NO:CBO/325’C operating in Kasese District Western Uganda

Supporting sustainable development at the grass root level.

Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group started in 2009 with the mission of empowering community members to get involved in social development activities for a
poverty free and healthy community.

Since establishment Buhanga women’s Group has established a school with local funds and constructed an immunisation centre at Buhanga high hill with the support of Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation (NASF) PO Box 8568,3503 RN Utrecht The Netherlands, Website:

We are also promoting savings and internal lending in the community of Buhanga.

We are currently in partnership with Brighter Brains Institute mainly focussing on developing Mother Givers Humanist School and the community of Buhanga.

About Kyarumba

Kyarumba is one of the sub counties of Kasese district, it is found in Bukonzo East Constituency. Much part of Kyarumba is mountains and it is blessed with many rivers.

Kyarumba has always witnessed wars mainly the NALU and allied Democratic forces (ADF). The ADF ridded Kyarumba from 1996 to 2002, this led to displacing of people in to IDP’s, this caused suffering and loss of wealth leading to poverty.

Secondly, Kyarumba has always witnessed disaster especially River floods, hailstones, mass wasting and alumnal rainfall, this has always led to loss of food and lives leading to poor living conditions.

About Buhanga

Buhanga is a hill and it is where Mother Givers Humanist School and the office of the group is located, if you stand at Buhanga hill you feel as if you are seated in a plane at watching Kyarumba trading Centre.

This hill is commonly known for grasshoppers, people from distant places especially Kyarumba search for grasshoppers from here during season

The place is purely occupied by Bakonzo who are generally” bantu”speaking people.

Community challenges

Environment degradation, soil erosion is the order of the day, the place has bare hills and it is steep. There is cutting of few existing trees to get firewood.

Poverty, most people in this community earn less than 1 USD a day, their main cash crop is coffee and it is seasonal, parents do not pay school fees for their children in time, some children come to school without scholastic materials , barefooted and without school uniforms.

There is high death rates mainly caused by malaria, pneumonia especially among children and during women birthing and hepatitis B

Low levels of education, most people have studded up to P.5

Early marriages especially girls, most of them marry at the age of 15

Domestic violence, this leads to frequent divorce and child headed families

Alcoholism and drug abuse especially among the youth out of school and those who are jobless

High level of malnutrition and the place is food insecure. The place is infertile and mountainous

Overpopulation is another community challenge; this has led to inadequate land.

Use of unclean energy, people still use kerosene candles for lighting and use three stones stoves for cooking food.


Need of sustainable income generating projects to help accomplish the planned activities

Need of more classrooms, Kitchen, library, children washroom, dining rooms and more latrines; there is 221 children and we have a three stance latrine.

Need of Furniture, children seat on the floor when attending classes

Buying more school land; our school land is not enough and there is two neighbors who would like to sell land to us, just because they like the school.

Need of a strong motorcycle to help us to quickly move to Kyarumba and other places in the district in case of emergency need; the place is now accessed with strong motorcycles and vehicles, the road has been dag by government of Uganda.

Need of safety stretchers to help us move patients downhill in case of emergency.

Need of top up fund to boost the savings and internal lending project

Need of text books for Uganda curriculum

About Kabugho Victorina

My name is Kabugho Victorina the Chair Person of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group and chairperson of the school committee of Mother Givers Humanist
School. Am charged with organizing the group members to cause development in the community of Kyarumba.and I act as the liaison between Brighter Brains Institute and Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s group.

Projects that Brighter Brains Institute is funding us

Brighter brains institute has helped us with a clinic that serves 221 children; here is a nurse being paid monthly by Brighter brains. The clinic is handling diseases like Malaria, Diarrhea, flu, cough, wounds and headaches.

BBI donated us with funds to purchase rain rainwater water harvesting tank, the tank holds water to use for washing hands and water to use to cook children’s’ food. It also prevents soil erosion and we are using its water for building the school.

BBI donated to us piped water at 3 mile distance serving Buhanga Community and Mother Givers Humanist School. This has reduced the prevalence of diarrhea diseases at school and in the community. This water is making it easy to engage in other income generating activities like brick making and it is reducing the time that would be spent on fetching water far downhill.

Brighter Brains institute is building for us a class named future Path class; this name is named by the members of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group to mean that this class if attended a child will have a brighter future.

Providing lunch to all 221 children at Mother Givers Humanist School where children are fed on proteins including beans, rice, maize bread, greens chicken and meat. This has been liked by children; there is no too much absenteeism as children are assured of food while at school.

BBI is sponsoring 13 orphans and are provided with school fees, books, pens, pencils, bags, shoes, sox and school shoes.

BBI is supplying us with Afri pads for our older girls; this is helping girls to stay in school during menstruation periods.

BBI has this year provided us with text books for children to read; children are reading and some watching pictures.

BBI is topping on teachers’ salary especially the month of June 2016; this we are sure will motivate teachers to work hard.

BBI is funding our chicken project; it has so far paid 120 hens that will be looked at by 12 members of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group. We hope for more funds to buy chicken for the other 26 members of the group. BBI will fully fund this project, it will provide chicken feeds, drinkers vaccination and veterinarian allowances

BBI is raising funds to build Mother Givers a second classroom - called Piedmont Classroom said Pellisier


The Women of Buhanga are very much happy for supporting them and Mother Givers Humanist School, children are also very happy, the community also appreciates our services, but all in all we say long live brighter Brains Institute.


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