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Bugaari Rwanika Progressive Women Empowerment Centre - members and activities

Posted: Tue, August 08, 2017 | By: Women

The Bugaari Rwanika Progressive Women Empowerment Centre is situated in southwestern Uganda, near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

They are the seventh women’s group to seek partnership with Brighter Brains Institute.

Our goal is to provide them with microfinance funds in the next 2-3 months.

The members are:

  • Honesta Musimenta. 52 years old Farmer
  • Gauda Ninsiima 45 Peasant
  • Shallon Kakuru 35 Farmer
  • Ruth Muyambi 35 Business
  • Jane kyomuhendo 59 Peasant
  • Daisy Tumwesigye 36 Business
  • Jack line Orishaba 24 Peasant
  • Nonsiyata Mpirirwe40 Peasant
  • Justine Tibebirwe 54 Teacher
  • Goreth Kasiime 40 Peasant
  • Tumukunde Dinah 23 Peasant
  • Leoniya Rutahweire 56 Peasant
  • Fausta Rwendeire 54 Peasant
  • Costance Bakunda 53 Peasant
  • Roseti Twinomuhwezi24 Peasant
  • Hope Niwagaba 43 Peasant
  • Hannah Kyimpigyima 60 Peasant
  • Jeturida Turyatunga 54 Peasant
  • Ninsiima Joan 21 Student
  • Mary Bashash 46 Secretary

The group is interested in:

  • piggery farming
  • chicken farming
  • grinding machine purchase
  • computer training centre for their children
  • tuition fees support for their children

Activities include:

  • Workshops training to improve the livelihoods of poor women
  • Meetings after every three weeks to discuss about their micro loan lending and the recovery
  • Visit homes of every member to check on hygiene and sanitation of every homestead.
  • At every meeting, they share and discuss about the good of humanity as well as the ten humanist principles.
  • They are grassroots human rights activists and humanists members.


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