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Brighter Brains Newsletter #2: new website features & humanist schools, need for medicine & food

Posted: Tue, July 05, 2016 | By: Misc./BBI

Dear Humanist Friends of Ugandan Children - has improved its design, especially with its new Projects page, where the 16 schools we assist are listed with their needs. Our 100% transparency 2017 Budget is also displayed, so visitors can view what we’ve done. Our Staff page is re-organized with the ten African project managers at top, followed by our six international advisors and 13 Americans. Links throughout the site click to our “Africa Market” where needs are explained.

Brighter Brains has escalated its charity services in the last eight months - we’ve leaped from supporting 7 schools in November 2015, to helping 16 today. We can expand due to the kindness of the secular humanists on our email list. We’ve also gained substantial press attention - our Media page is packed with recent articles on our activities. Relations have also been established, with Humanists in Silicon Valley, Humanists Canada, and Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba.

The most urgent need now are funds to support three new clinics at Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage Humanist School, Kanyenze Humanist School, and Grama Secondary Humanist School. Diseases prevalent in the area are Malaria, Parasitic Worm infections, and Peptic Ulcer Disease (caused by malnutrition). Our humanist clinics will also provide AFRIpads. Everyone donating to the clinics will receive a lovely thank you card from the appreciative pupils. Donate here, look for the three options

Food is also needed. Many children in the region only get one meal per day, especially orphans under the supervision of resentful relatives. We can feed children a nutritious lunch at school for only 10 cents each. $25 can feed everyone in a 250 student school for one day. Teachers report to us that it is impossible to impart learning in the afternoons because the students are so hungry - providing lunch is a fantastic way to guarantee their education. Donate here

Chickens for Mother Givers Humanist School is our third request. We have thus far purchased 131 chickens, 249 more are needed. Proceeds from the chicken farm will provide all the students at the school with a year-round sustainable lunch program. Donate here, there are three choices

Thank you for all the wonderful charity you have provided.


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