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Brighter Brains News: Orphans Planting Trees, GEMpads, Drugs & Ghana

Posted: Thu, September 15, 2016 | By: Humanism

Hello BBI friends —

Orphans Planting Trees is a project that solves multiple problems simultaneously. How can we: 1) keep orphans enrolled in school when they have no tuition money? 2) keep Uganda’s beautiful forests thick with trees? 3) enable villagers to obtain wood, without cutting down the forest? 4) provide schools we help with extra income? 5) employ local gardeners?

Orphans Planting Trees answers all five questions. Donating $30, $60, or $90 provides funds for an orphan to plant 100, 200, or 30 trees, on the grounds where she or he attends school. The money pays a gardener to provide the seedlings and planting instructions, pays the school the orphan’s tuition, and pays the orphans. The future, fast-growing tree that your contribution grew - also provides shade to play in, firewood to cook the school’s lunch, and lumber to sell to local carpenter’s hosting the school’s budget. (More details here, donate HERE)

GEMpads are brand new this month. After BBI purchased hundreds of washable, reusable AFRIpads, we wondered - can our Ugandan friends make these? Yes they can! GEM (Girls Education Movement) is a Kyarumba group of girls at-risk of dropping out of school due to poverty. But - they can stitch excellent sanitary pads, highly valued by post-puberty girls in the region. Your donation to buy GEMpads gives money to keep GEM girls in school, and free sanitary pads to girls at our humanist schools; this keeping them from dropping out to avoid embarrassment. (more details here, Donate HERE)

Drugs - caught your attention? We’re referring to medicine for our fifteen clinics that provide free medical care to school children and their parents. Malaria, Peptic Ulcer Disease, Parasitic Worm Infections, and HIV/AIDS are our enemies. Want to sponsor a clinic? Rodney Saenz and Alcor Foundation did it; R S is the new sponsor of Kanyenze Humanist School’s clinic, and Alcor stepped in to help Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School. Thanks! To supply our clinics, donate HERE

You’re Ghana Love This!

BBI is expanding its activities into another Subsaharan African nation. We’ll be helping humanists in Accra, Ghana start a primary school library. Tune in next month…


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