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Brighter Brains Institute Promotes 10 Neuro-Supportive Positions

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Brighter Brains Institute Promotes 10 Neuro-Supportive Positions

1) We want to end the crippling factors that cause brain damage in disadvantaged populations. We support efforts like the St. Lucia Project and our African Education Projects and Mangyan Assistance Project.

2) We want 100% Free Education from Preschool - College PhDs, MDs, etc - plus after-school and summer school programs. We believe schooling should be civic-supported.

3) We want to reform sports that cause brain damage - for example, tackle football, boxing, mixed martial arts.

4) We promote Neuro-Healthy Diets and Exercise - we want taxation on unhealthy foodstuffs like sugar and sodas, and we support nutritious school breakfast/lunch/dinner programs

5) We want free SAT/SSAT tutoring for working and middle class communities, to increase their chances of college admittance. We offer our own sliding scale SSAT/SAT service.

6) We support research that combats Alzheimer’s Disease, and innovative treatment programs such as the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and DON’T FORGET ME

7) We support Free Genetic Counseling and Testing, and we want brain health information provided to communities, especially pregnant women and families - on topics like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Lead Poisoning, child abuse, and breast-feeding

8) We want to End Solitary Confinement in prison

9) We support decriminalization of “Psychotropic Drugs” that offer mental health benefits, i.e., neurogenesis, and alleviation of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, addiction.

10) We support Biohackers, Humanism, Transhumanism, Radical Life Extension

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