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Brighter Brains Institute halts funding for Garama Secondary School

Posted: Mon, September 18, 2017 | By: Garama Secondary Humanist School

BBI has halted funding for Garama Secondary Humanist School in Kisinga, due to problems with financial accountability at the school.

BBI was informed via email by a staff member of the school that the clinic there had no supplies, and the medic had not been paid “for nine months.” BBI had provided over $10,000 to the clinic approximately one year ago, with the stipulation that the medic was paid $166 per school term.

BBI asked the Garama director (about one month ago) to deliver to us copies of receipts for all expenses, to explain to us why the medic had not received her salary, and to explain to us why there were no supplies in the clinic.

The director has:

  • Failed to deliver any receipts to account for the $10,000 received
  • He said the supplies were stolen.
  • He said the Garama medic is his staff member, and her payment is entirely his concern, and not any concern of BBI’s.

Brighter Brains Institute is halting funding, until receipts are delivered, the medic is paid, and explanations are provided.

Garama Secondary Humanist School has, or had, the potential to be a valuable partner of BBI’s because it is the largest secondary humanist school that we support. BBI members visited it in June and were impressed with its operation, but we need full transparency of how our donor’s funds are spent, and Garama seems unwilling, or unable, to provide this.

BBI regrets this situation, but it is absolute necessary for us to ensure our contributors that their funds are properly spent.

We cannot support Ugandan groups that do not provide evidence that they are properly handling our funds.


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