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Brighter Brains Institute ends support for multiple Uganda schools (mostly in Kyarumba)

Posted: Mon, September 18, 2017 | By: Humanism

BBI inspected its schools and projects in Uganda last June. We were very happy with many of the organizations we support, but disappointed with others, for a variety of reasons.

We are ending our support for the following schools, for the following reasons:

Mughete Junior School — The school has gained zero understanding of humanism; in fact, the appreciation song we heard had the chorus “God Bless Humanism.” We also realized that the children at the school were physically beaten, a classroom we fund was never completed, and Mughete has shown no ability to come up with projects that can provide sustainability.

Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School — This school near the Congo border, that BBI has provided funds to for 3 years, was a disappointment for the following reasons: 1) The mission statement in the office said their goal was “raise God-Fearing Children”; 2) they misspent $425 in BBI funds in constructing a Grasshopper Trap that would not work; 3) only men were apparently allowed to eat with us; 4) BBI inspectors were pressured to buy baskets, and to hand over money for the performance we viewed. Brighter Brains Institute is still connected to the Nyakiyumbu Widow’s Association, to a very small degree.

Vision Care School - This school (which has received a large amount of BBI help) didn’t finish a classroom that BBI helped contribute funds towards, and they have exhibited no ability for sustainability. They also refused to stand up to local ministers who criticized humanism.

Rays of Light Orphanage School — Physically abusive to the students (one teacher threw rocks at the pupils, and children are often beaten). Additionally, the Maize Grinder that BBI funded - to support the clinic and lunch program - is not profitable.

St. Thomas - This is an Anglican school that a religious donor to BBI has supported with a clinic. The sponsor is now financially unable to continue.

Garama Secondary School — BBI’s halt of funding to this school is explained HERE.


The following schools remain in generally-good standing with the Brighter Brains Institute:

Kanungu Humanist School — Located four hours south of Kasese, this community has never been inspected by BBI, but it is very quick and responsible in sending receipts and photos and in completing projects. Kanungu also schedules regular humanist lectures in its community.

BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School — Entirely built by BBI’s funds in 2015, this school is in Muhokya, near Kasese. Director is Bwambale Robert Musubaho, head teacher is Ngabirwe Phiona. The school is close to the newly-constructed BiZoHa Humanist Centre.

Kasese Humanist School — The original humanist school in this area. BBI primarily provided funds to the secondary school here; we are not pleased with its low enrollment (9 students) and we hear complaints that the teachers are underpaid. BBI has helped teacher salaries but our goal is for the school to be self-sustaining.

Kahendero Humanist School - another school entirely built by BBI funds, on the shores of Lake George. BBI recently provided funds for a large Kahendero Humanist Hall that we hope will generate funds to support the school. BBI has also provided funds for two boats docked on the lake-shore, that are also expected to raise funds.

Kanyenze Humanist School - located near Kyarumba, this school has been given many gifts by BBI, including to orphanage building, solar electric equipment, a clean water system, a clinic, and a motorcycle repair shop. BBI is recently displeased with the very slow communication we are having with this school. They’ve also been warned to provide more transparency.

Mother Givers School in Buhanga - Situated in a beautiful location in the Ruwenzori foothills, this school was the favorite of BBI inspectors in June. Friendly community, with successful completion of many BBI projects, including 620 chickens, a clinic, a water system, multiple classrooms, a microfinance program, and a pumpkin patch. Mother Givers is also generously helped by kind friends from Australia. Transparency and speed of communication are excellent here.


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