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Brighter Brains Classroom under construction at Kasese Humanist Secondary School

Posted: Tue, December 27, 2016 | By: Uganda

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Brighter Brains Classroom currently under construction, its metallic shutters are being made. Most likely the building will be complete in less than 2 weeks. Funds putting up this building has come in from BBI members who have a great passion to help out in my appeal for a Kasese Humanist Vocational Secondary School.

As locals were swarming places of worship on 25th & 26th of December, i spent the Christmyth day at the Rukoki Campus supervising the building works on a new classroom built courtesy of the Bright Brains Institute.

Brighter Brains Institute has played a significant boost in uplifting the economic status and mighty power of Kasese Humanist Primary School. Brighter Brains has conducted successful fundraising campaigns in building up the Bizoha Campuses in Muhokya & Kahendero, creation of several clinics at our schools, Bizoha Farmland, Bizoha Tractor & a recent one being the Bizoha Humanist Center building which is soon to be completed.

The Brighter Brains fans worldwide have sponsored several children under the Child Sponsorship Program where more than 100 children are accessing education without paying no single coin.Thanks the donors for helping out in this. Education unlocks all doors.

The Brighter Brains Classroom is situated next to the Pellissier Science Classroom.

On behalf of the School management, i salute the Brighter Brains, its supporters worldwide for continuation to extend a generous hand to our initiatives.

Contributions can be made HERE.

Attached are some of the pictures showing the progress on the building.

With science, we can progress.


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