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New Book—-  Brighter Brains: 225 ways to elevate or injure IQ

Posted: Tue, February 11, 2014 | By:

​by Hank Pellissier

Brighter Brains: 225 ways to elevate or injure IQ is a comprehensive list of the numerous ways intelligence can be enhanced, or damaged. The vast majority of factors enclosed are referenced to studies posted at

The book is divided into 4 general sections:

1) PreNatal,

2) Early Childhood,

3) School Years,

4) Adults.

The impact of parental care, environmental pollution, education, diet, exercise, and dozens of other variables are included. “Smart drugs” and futuristic possibilities are also listed. Below is an outline of what is enclosed:

TABLE OF CONTENTS Prenatal & Natal IQ Factors - damaged before you’re born, or as you’re delivered

  • Parental Decisions
  • Embryonic Nutrition and Exercise
  • Poisonous Environments
  • Birth Variables

Early Years – not breastfed? Tragic, but there are factors more horrible

  • Disease
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • IQ-Destructive Environments
  • Violence
  • Family Situations
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Miscellaneous Factors

School Years - not all educations are equal, and teens take cognitive risks

  • Health and Fitness
  • Academia
  • Dangers
  • Electronics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Family Life

Adults - finally you’re grown up… and your brain starts to decline?

  • Exercise, Fitness, Health
  • Miscellaneous Factors
  • Smart Drugs
  • Brain-Enhancement Methods (non-pharmaceutical)
  • Interesting Correlations

Future Possibilities

The book is available for $2.50 via PayPal. Send that amount to the account #, with a note. Questions can be sent to


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