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Breaking Ground at Kahendero - new school soon!

Posted: Thu, March 03, 2016 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert

Works on building Bizoha Nursery School - Kahendero Campus has kicked off in our efforts of fighting against ignorance, irrational superstitious beliefs and disease. The projects aims at putting in place a Nursery School for young people aged 3 - 6 plus building a small clinic targeting to offer medical facilities to the learners and locals in the community.

We have been lucky in this project where we right now have 2 generous individuals who have already sponsored classrooms - on will be named Dr Bruce Chou Classroom #3, the other Open Mind Classroom.

Plus, the clinic here has received a generous honor. It will be named Jane Shrimpton Health Clinic.

The community here in Kahendero after seeing and noticing the steadiness and service at our Muhokya Campus continue to shower me with applause’s and appreciations for choosing to work in their areas.

To know more and perhaps get involved in our projects, visit us online @

Attached are some of the pics of the ground breaking


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