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Bob Pellissier Science Laboratory Report #1 (Kasese)

Posted: Fri, May 01, 2015 | By: Past Projects


Duration: Mid January – April 24 2015
Submission Date: 1st May 2015
Submitted by: Bwambale Robert Musubaho (PSL Coordinator)


Pellissier Science Laboratory is an establishment located at Kasese Humanist Primary School – Rukoki Campus. The idea of opening up this lab was initiated by Bob Pellissier, a United States national who is an Engineer with a great passion of helping out young school children. He is a great friend of KHPS and has extended numerous financial, material and moral assistance towards uplifting the school.

He was much moved by the school foundation where the school motto is with science, we can progress. Himself as a scientist felt interested in helping out students expand their careers in the field of science.

Kasese Humanist Primary School management provided the space to house the lab and the donor provided funds to furnish the lab with furniture, drugs and lab equipments.

The lab was opened on 15th January 2015 and started to serve the children since the term one opened on 2nd February 2015.


Several works happened prior to laboratory opening, there was procurement of tiles with funds provided by Hank Pellissier, the tiles were bought locally in Kasese and a mason was hired to fix the tiles.

The laboratory room had no ceiling, the school Director Bwambale Robert injected in some funds to pay the tile fixer, fixing the ceiling, bought paint and paid the painter to do the job. The room was painted white on the ceiling and the walls army green.

Furniture’s to put in the lab were made at the KHPS campus in the Vocational workshop, among the items made for the laboratory were:

· 2 sliding glass shelves that were hanged on the wall to shelter the drugs
· One office chair
· 2 long benches with a capacity to sit 10 people.
· 1 lockable laboratory table to store expensive items like Microscope and valuable drugs.

Other items procured were: 1 sink, 1 basin, 2 buckets and a dust bin.


The Pellissier Laboratory Sign that hangs on the door of the lab was made by the Kyarumba Group which also runs a laboratory financed by the same donor.


A total of 380$ was received by the PSL Coordinator to do the below mentioned tasks and all funds were proportioned to do the work as below: These funds were ear marked to be used for duration of 3 months.

Medicine Budget — $225
Technician Salary — $130
Miscellaneous Equipment — $25
Microscope & its accessories, posters – Delivered in person by Hank Pellissier .

Financial receipts of all expenditures in regard to this project are available on request at the laboratory office. A file for receipts, financial transfers and documents in regard to PSL was opened in the early days of January 2015.

Photos of all developments in regard to this project are available for viewing online at the school social network address on face book.

After the 3 months duration, we still have some few drugs left and we need to restock the laboratory before 18th this month when we reopen for Second Term.


The drugs were sourced out from 2 local pharmacy shops located in Kasese Town amounting to 630,000 Uganda Shillings worthy 225 US$, these drugs were share by the two KHPS campuses. Accompaned to the drugs were surgical gloves, bandages, and surgical spirits to mention but a few.

We responded to the simple accidents at school by providing first aid, pain killers, and bandages, curative drugs to major illnesses like malaria, Skin infections, and respiratory tract infections.

Deworming at KHPS "baby class"
Deworming at KHPS “baby class”


1. A mandatory de worming exercise was carried out for all our children at the two campuses where we treated 425 children plus 28 members of staff. This exercise will always be conducted each term to ensure that germs that might make its way in the stomach are killed.

2. Job creation. The laboratory technician Mr Lamech has benefitted a lot as he has parted away with his first quarter pay which has helped in boosting his income. Teacher Jackline who manages the lab in absence of the lab technician and the school cleaner have got jobs and got allowances for running the lab.

3. Four of our children were awarded scholarships courtesy of Bob Pellissier who sponsored them to study at Kasese Humanist Primary School. This was a great relief to the Nyakiyumbu Widows Association as all the 4 were orphans from Nyakiyumbu Orphanage School.

4. Students from Isaac Newton High School based in Masaka who were on a trip of Western Uganda were sheltered at the school for one day on 19th March 2015. Due to the long distance, some of their students fell prone to some illnesses and fatigue so we provided first aid pain killers and anti malaria tablets to them. Isaac Newton High School is one of the humanist schools operating in Uganda.

5. The Pellissier Science Lab Medic has been bringing medical leaflets with information on how to manage hygiene. He also taught lessons on disease control and personal hygiene. Both the Teaching staff and the pupils benefitted from his drill lessons.


1. Malaria
2. Skin diseases ( fungal infections)
3. Respiratory tract infections
4. Stomachaches ( fungal and bacterial infections)
5. STDs and ST infections
6. Headaches
7. Flu ( viral infections)
8. Nose bleeding


· Improved health and smartness of our students and teachers.
· Laboratory medical examinations have been conducted by our lab technician.
· Massive de-worming exercises of 436 pupils at the two campuses were conducted; in addition all the teaching and non teaching staff were de-wormed as well.
· There were 4 lucky pupils who were awarded scholarships to study at Kasese Humanist Primary School for a full year courtesy of Bob Pellissier, the four pupils were: Masereka Godfrey , Mbambu Kalondero , Kapite Muhindo and Kabugho Pesi , all the children came from Nyakiyumbu Orphanage School which is run by the Nyakiyumbu Widows Association.
· Absenteeism due to sickness was no longer an issue, our schools registered less absenteeism cases.


It was moments of joy today at the two campuses of Kasese Humanist Primary School where a total of 45 pupils at the school received shoes donated courtesy of Pellissier Science Laboratory. A total of 175$ US provided by Bob Pellissier was injected in purchasing second hand shoes that were meant to benefit children at the school who go barefooted. The Donor was very concerned about the plight of KHPS CHILDREN after realizing that there exist some children who go barefooted.

The shoe distribution exercise was a success , was conducted by the School Director, School Head Teachers at the two campuses assisted by some female teachers. The beneficiaries were so happy to get shoes and thanked the donor for thing and taking action, Special thanks goes to Bob Pellissier for that generous offer to the children at KHPS.


In an effort to make the laboratory lively, the KHPS Management will work closely with the Pellissier Science laboratory and add basic science equipments, carry on small experiments and hold science fairs to the parents and the general public.

All in all, I thank Bob Pellissier for supporting the smooth running of this laboratory and helping out in donating shoes and sponsoring our children.

We look forward for a long lasting relationship with the Pellissier family.

In conclusion, the existence of the Pellissier Science Laboratory is of great value, the visitors to the school including the Municipal Education Officer Okayed our innovation. It entirely suits with the school vision and purpose. With Science, we can progress.

Yours in service,

Bwambale Robert Musubaho

PSL Coordinator


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