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Bob Pellissier Funds Two Clinics in Ruwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda

Posted: Tue, January 05, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Bob Pellissier, one of the most generous contributors to Brighter Brains Institute projects, has recently donated funding to support clinics in two remote Ruwenzori mountain schools - St. Michael’s School and Kabingo School.

St. Michael’s School is accessible via a boda-boda road, about 4 miles from Kyaumba, a small village in western Uganda. St.Michael’s has 115 students.

Kabingo School can only be reached via a steep, slippery trail, that leads into the Ruwenzori. It is about 4 miles past St. Michael’s School, on the top of a ridge that is adjacent to Ruwenzori National Park.

Inspectors from Brighter Brains Institute — including Bob Pellissier - visited both schools in November 2015. The schools were poorly attended and the children were hungry. Bob Pellissier has subsequently purchased them food and school supplies, for which they are very grateful.

His donation of $2,200 will provide a medic’s salary and enough medicine for the two clinics. Diseases that afflict people in this area are malaria, peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition) diarrhea, parasitic worms, respiratory diseases, and gastric diseases.

The photos below are of Kabingo students, followed by the medic that has been hired, followed by happy children in Kabingo who recently received a food donation from Bob Pellissier.


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