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Bob Pellissier funds Student Lunch program at Vision Care School

Posted: Thu, February 04, 2016 | By: Vision Care School

Philanthropist Bob Pellissier - one of Brighter Brains’s most generous donors - has contributed $1,800 to establish a lunch program at Vision Care School in Kyarumba, a small town in western Uganda.

The funds are sufficient to feed all the 226 children a big meal for the entire next term - 4 months. The lunch food consists of corn meal, rice, beans, and vegetables.

Bob Pellissier has provided enormous help to the children of Vision Care School. His “Pellissier Science Laboratory” there gives free medical care to all the students, enabling them to combat diseases like malaria, partake worm infections, and peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition).

Last November, he also treated the children of Vision Care School to a massive feast - an 8-course meal - plus there was a 3-hour raffle where every child in attendance received a prize.

Bob has also funded a Music Classroom near the Vision Care campus; the room is equipped with an electric piano, and an available teacher for eager music pupils.

Many children in Kyarumba receive only one meal a day, due to poverty. The lunch program that Bob is providing at school will undoubtedly help them maintain more alertness at school, and grant them more immunity from disease.

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