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Bob Pellissier Buys Books and Educational Supplies for Ruwenzori Schools

Posted: Mon, December 14, 2015 | By: Past Projects

​Children and teachers in the Ruwenzori (“Mountains of the Moon”) region of western Uganda received a wealth of educational materials on December 12, 2015.

Bob Pellissier, one of the most generous donors to Brighter Brains Institute, purchased numerous textbooks, charts, and other supplies for Bwethe Primary School, St. Michael’s Primary School, and Kabingo Primary School. These gifts were delivered by foot, because the schools can only be accessed via steep, narrow trails.

Bwethe is about 3 kilometers from the town of Kyarumba, high on a ridge. St. Michael’s is further into the mountains, another 3 kilometers at the bottom of a valley, Kabingo is up a dizzying path, high on a ridge that is adjacent to Ruwenzori National Park. Chimpanzees come out of the park in the early morning hours, to raid the corn fields at Kabingo.

Bob Pellissier visited these school in November 2015 with four family members. The isolation of these towns was remarkable; the children there had never seen “white people” before, and at Kabingo, many of the adults had also never encountered Caucasians.

The schools are built of mud and branches, and attendance is sparse - out of 70 children enrolled at Kabingo, only 15 were there on the day Bob Pellissier showed up.

To encourage the children to attend the schools, Brighter Brains Institute is setting up clinics that will provide free medical care. “H+ Clinic” (sponsored by funds from a GoFundMe campaign) is already installed at Bwethe; the two other schools will receive clinics sponsored by Bob Pellissier.

The schools have already received shoes, sandals, soccer balls, and food (bags of rice and bread rolls) from Brighter Brains Institute, especially from Bob Pellissier, plus his friends, and his son, Eric Pellissier.

Yesterday’s book and educational supply delivery was joyous occasion. The Ugandan government has failed to provide these schools with sufficient materials for learning, thus the delivery of textbooks (prohibitively expensive in Uganda) was long overdue.

photos below. Adults are teachers at the three schools:


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