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BiZoHa - world’s first atheist orphanage - crowd fund campaign is 67% funded

Posted: Fri, May 15, 2015 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

Brighter Brains Institute has launched a second campaign to support BiZoha - the world’s first atheist orphanage. The campaign is currently 67% funded - only $680 more needs to be raised!

The GoFundMe campaign link is HERE

BiZoha’s first campaign generated $5,820 - that sum accomplished an amazing amount - a little cash goes a long way in Muhokya, western Uganda!

A large brick building (see photo) was constructed to shelter 25 orphans and staff - the cost was only $3,250. Remaining funds installed a 30-foot deep latrine; brought in a pipeline for water; and seeded a large share of the orphanage’s 7 acres with crops that will be sold in to provide BiZoha with economic self-sufficiency.

Recently, another $1,000 was donated to BiZoHa by Dr. Bruce Chou - these funds will build a classroom for up 60 children (photo below)

To view the rapid progress of BiZoha - click HERE .

Orphans will soon be moved to BiZoHa - from Muhokya, Kahendero (fishing village on Lake George), and Kasese (provincial capital). The orphans - like Dopio (top photo) - are 5-8 years old.

Muhokya is near the Rwenzori mountains and the Congo border.

Does Uganda have an orphan issue? Yes it does.

child in Kahendero
child in Kahendero

Uganda has 3.5 million orphans. 13% of the population in the BiHoZa’s region is orphaned - the highest percentage in Uganda. Children are parentless due to AIDS, civil war, violence, accidents, and abandonment. One of the BiZoHa orphans - Muhindo Zolash - had his father killed and eaten by a crocodile; hippopotami also kill villagers. (news story) 70% of Ugandan orphans become criminals as adults. 60% of girls end up in prostitution, where the HIV/AIDS rate is 37%.

Education for orphans is limited. Many are subjected to illness, filth, malnutrition, sexual abuse, and child trafficking (slavery). When they “age out” of orphanages, many become “street kids” sniffing glue, stealing, scavenging in garbage dumps, begging.

BiZoHa will provide its orphans with an excellent education, because they’ll be instructed by the highly-regarded, science-based Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS). Many graduates of KHPS advance to secondary schools and universities.

Secular education and atheism in Uganda is supported by Atheist Alliance International , Foundation Beyond Belief , PZ Myers , and other irreligious groups and individuals in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, and Canada (the “Godless Poutine ”)

The director of BiZoHa - Bwambale M Robert - was orphaned himself at the age of five. He worked his way through high school as a barber, and subsequently received a university scholarship, where he matriculated in Biology. He is the author of the book, “Orphans of Rwenzori - a Humanist Perspective.

BiZoHa Orphanage will be economically self-sufficient in 1 year. This goal will be achieved by selling corn, beans, cassava, peanuts, and lettuce grown on its farm, and by selling drinks at a roadside stand, on the adjacent well-traveled road.

BiZoHa is the first self-proclaimed atheist orphanage in the world. Other orphanages are attached to religious organizations, that indoctrinate children into their belief system. BiZoHa is “humanist” (note the symbol on the main building wall).

Items Needed Now for BiZoHa Orphanage:

$500 - Solar panels - for electricity! BiZoHa is on the equator, with daily sunshine
$350 - 1/2 year salary for orphan’s “Mother” Guardian
$350 - 1/2 year salary for orphan’s “Father” Guardian
$925 - construction of Roadside Stand (where farm produce and beverages will be sold for self-sufficiency) FUNDED! by Andrea Vogt


$680 still needed

Campaign Co-ordinators:

Bwambale M. Robert (Uganda / BiZoHa director)
Sean McGuire (Canada)
Melissa McAllister (Germany)
Zoltan Istvan and Hank Pellissier (USA)

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