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BiZoHa Update - March 16 (Frisbees and Kenya Film Crew)

Posted: Fri, March 18, 2016 | By: BiZoHa (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert

General update on Bizoha:

Total enrollment at the Bizoha Campus is now at 168 pupils as of today 16th March 2016.

The Kenyan Journalist crew working on a documentary about Kasese Humanist Primary school today visited BIZOHA Campus at Muhokya and documented about the Andrea vogt roadside Stand, The Andrea Vogt Health Clinic, visited the Bizoha Hostel, had a glimpse at the Contributors wall, viewed and photographed the humanist posters and classroom tags and where possible they inquired about the different names assigned to the classrooms and exactly what they stand for.

The team visited the classrooms and greeted the learners sending out key advices to them like ensuring they keep in school, develop with good morals and learning to respect their teachers, parents and people in general.

I today managed to shoot some pictures in regard to the Frisbee Game and some of the challenges we have with this game are the poor top surfaces lacking the lawns as we are in a drier season and almost all the grasses are gone however we remain optimistic the grasses will come back and our children will enjoy the game sometime soon.

Fencing works at Bizoha has been going on and so far we are done, minor works needs to be done as in plastering and finishing works.

Attached on to this message are some of the random pictures shot at the school.

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