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BiZoHa Update, January 24, 2016

Posted: Tue, January 26, 2016 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

This is a quick update on the construction works

All the nursery block has been glassed but the entire side of the Primary Section block.

The 4 stance pit latrine is now at wall plate and waits to be roofed soon. Making of chalkboards is in progress; so far my mason has worked on 5 and remains with more 5.

I will be off to Kampala to make more signs of names as requested by donors to fix on each classroom constructed and in a few days they will be seen attached on the units.

I have already procured aggregates in my journey to fix the floors of all the rooms at BIZOHA so that there is no dust in the classes.

All in all, am so thankful for all your support, the school opens its doors in February as most schools open for the academic year.

Attached are some of the images of recent works.

With Science, we can progress.

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