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BiZoHa Tractor is generating funds for School

Posted: Thu, September 15, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

As local farmers wait for the rains to kick off commencement of the wet season, it’s good news for the Bizoha Tractor which has been hired now since the last 3 weeks or so by local enthusiastic farmers of Katolhu, Lyemibuza, Muhokya, Kirembe, Nyamirangara and parts of Rukoki areas.

The tractor is generating funds steadily which is boosting up the school revenues thereby favoring me to meet school needs, teachers’ salaries and above all planning ahead for my projects.

Some of the teachers who have been patient working with us now have reasons to smile as the tractor is another great source of income to the school.

The Bizoha Tractor has boosted food presence within the school. Among other things learnt include:

we need to put in place a granary or silos to store dry maize, beans and rice.
We have learnt a lesson to plant crop separately instead of mixing say beans with maize
We have realized that we can plant a lot of food and we sell off the surplus to the locals or just rush it to the available market in Kasese Town.

Our teachers who fancy farming can now earn an extra income by involving themselves in farming through using the Bizoha Tractor to work the fields.

The tractor has also acted as an Advertising tool for Bizoha and Kasese Humanist Primary school, the tractor has debunked the lies some of our enemies talk about us in an attempt to tarnish our projects.

We are also teaching the masses that wealth can be got through hard work, proper planning and proper use of science equipment, tools, gadgets or machines like the Tractor.

We are also debunking the claims that better yields are not a product of blessing from the sky daddies or spaghetti monsters but proper applications of better farming techniques as specified by Scientific Agricultural practices.

Attached are some of the images of the Bizoha Tractor as it works on farms of locals.

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