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BIZOHA ORPHANAGE—With Science, We Can Progress!

Posted: Wed, October 28, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

The project aims to build and operate an orphanage in Uganda was launched at the end of February. There has been remarkable progress. Donations have steadily streamed in, and under the capable management of Project Director Bwambale Robert, already seven buildings are completed including the hostel, 3 classrooms, kitchen, latrine, clinic and a roadside stand for earning income from sale of snacks, drinks and crafts on the local road frequented by travelers.

The BiZoHa Clinic will serve the local communities as well as the orphanage and school. While it will not be able to handle all the medical needs of the area, it will be a great relief. Currently there is only one small government-run clinic serving the six local communities, and most essential drugs are not always available at that health unit. BiZoHa Clinic will have a trained medic with a small science lab for examining specimens and dispensing medications for common problems such as malaria and parasites. They will also provide health and hygiene education to the community.

One of the challenges we have now is to refurbish, stock medical supplies and hire a medic to make this place functional. Other buildings so far added are the Dr Bruce Chou Classroom, 3 more building block namely Zelevinsky Classroom, Bright Future Classroom and the Musubaho classroom which awaits to be roofed. More classrooms will be added upon funds availability, we are still appealing for Sponsors to help in building classrooms at BIZOHA.

There is a space at the site that will accommodate a Museum which will feature several things about Culture of the Rwenzori people and way of living will stock a variety of things and will serve as a tourist attraction and an educational tool for research students. Plans of erecting more hostels to serve more orphans plus students to enroll in our future school and some guest houses to shelter volunteers plus guests to the property will come in the course of time. These will offer alternate sources to sustainability of this project. Water has been piped in to BiZoHa from the mountains.

In addition, Bwambale has installed a rainwater harvesting tank donated by a generous Donor to supplement the piped water, especially as sometimes the pipes break or get washed away. Tank water can be used for washing clothes, bathing and in the latrine toilets. More tanks are needed to ensure there is enough water at the disposal of the people and crops at the site. Irrigation is needed for the BiZoHa plants in order to be self-sustaining, as there is two seasons in Uganda; irrigation is much needed in the dry season for the crops to thrive. Bwambale is exploring whether further water purification mechanisms might be put in place at point of use for drinking water, to replace boiling.

Two solar panels has been installed one donated by John Macsen Rex and John de Brabander, who are great friends of BIZOHA and Kasese Humanist as a whole.

A perimeter wall now encloses all the units excluding the Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand and the three extra classrooms. One of the challenge as of now is putting a metallic gate to enclose the area which requires approximately 300U$ to weld.

A new project attached to the BIZOHA Project is the BIZOHA FARMLand which is located some 500 meters from the Bizoha site which is located in the irrigation rich land of Muhokya which is currently supporting a number of crops. The farm will provide food for the Kasese Humanist Primary School projects. Crops already thriving on the farm are bananas, sweet potatoes, maize, beans, sweet bananas, onions, cabbages, mangoes, avocados and guavas.

The local community has been very welcoming. Local construction businesses have been busily engaged in getting the site ready quickly for the arriving orphans and so far the hostel accommodates 10 orphans. A matron and a cook plus a security guard was hired at the BIZOHA Property, other jobs like for teachers, Medic and other positions will surface as the site grows. In addition BiZoHa’s school will accept students on a tuition basis from the nearby communities. Education will be secular humanist, based on science and using reason and free thought as the foundation for knowledge. Instruction will be in English to establish the footing for success in life for the children. The motto of the school will be “With Science, We Can Progress” which is painted on buildings along with the “Happy Humanist” logo.

The website is fully up and the address is Information is also at

Potential donors or Sponsors can browse through these websites and learn more about the orphanage plus its programs. The websites accept donations which are later conveyed to Bwambale Robert in Uganda.

Sponsors will receive communications about the child’s progress in school.

In addition to scholarships, donations to the building and outfitting of the site are very much needed and each one is so much appreciated. These monies go to such things as security, a microscope for the lab, medications and supplies, educational items for the school, furnishings, uniforms for the children, play equipment, sponsorships, food, etc. For inquiries on upcoming construction needs for large donations, or any donation where a tax receipt is desired, please visit the Brighter Brains website and donate via that channel and use the email provided there to indicate that the donation is for BiZoHa. We look forward to hearing from you. With science, we can progress!

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