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BiZoHa Orphanage - Update March 7, 2015

Posted: Sat, March 07, 2015 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

Ten days ago, Kasese Humanist Primary School - in conjunction with the Brighter Brains Institute - launched BiZoHa Orphanage, the first atheist orphanage in the world.

The establishment of BiZoHa with its science-based philosophy is a stupendous accomplishment in Uganda, because it is a very religious country.

BiZoHa will house, feed and look after 20 orphans who are enrolled at Kasese Humanist Primary School. The orphanage will ensure that these children have access to medical care, education, computer skills and a variety of vocational skills.

a section of the BiZoHa site
a section of the BiZoHa site

BiZoHa Orphanage will achieve self-reliance because the land it is situated on - in Muhokya - is spacious; a large part of the land will be used as a farm to generate income. Additional revenue will be gained via a craft shop, a coffee shop and guest houses in the extreme north of the property.

The GoFundMe campaign funds have arrived at the KHPS bank, and many building materials have already been purchased. Construction will begin soon. (see photos)

I am currently putting in a pit latrine and connecting water to the orphanage site. Both of these activities will be completed in a weeks’ time.

The communities of Muhokya and Kasese are welcoming the project.

One of the most inspiring things about BiZoHa is that it is breaking the monopoly of orphanage-building by religious groups. BiZoHa is sending out the public message that atheists - people with non belief - also care deeply about orphans.

building materials for BiZoHa
building materials for BiZoHa

Wherever you go all over Uganda, orphanages are run by religious communities. This disturbs me because I, myself, grew up as an orphan and I am uncomfortable watching vulnerable children fall prey to the massive dogma and indoctrination that goes on in these places.

It is better to allow children to think for themselves, to grow up analyzing nature and understanding how it operates, and to receive answers to their questions in true form without fidgeting or lying. Evidence-based Learning is the best way to go.

Construction of a boarding house to shelter 20 Orphans will be erected on the property beginning on March 20, 2015. 16,000 bricks, 4 trips of Murram and 4 trips of sand are currently at the site. More materials are going to be ferried in the coming week.

On behalf of BiZoHa Orphanage, I thank everyone who donated to the cause - which was a total success in only 29 hours. This was incredible!

For those who have not yet supported this cause, I encourage you to donate anything you can so that we can also work on other projects that will entertain/educate/treat/shelter the orphans, visitors, community and every one acquainted with the orphanage.

You can make a charitable contribution via the Donate button on the right hand side of the Home page. Please leave a note indicating that you want the money to help BiZoHa, and send us an email at to let us know we should check our bank records.


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