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BiZoHa Orphanage Update - June 12, 2015

Posted: Fri, June 12, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert I am working very hard on finishing up the BiZoHa tasks. I have purchased a solar panel unit and engaged a Solar technician to do the fixing work this Saturday. (June 13) The BiZoHa hostel interior shutters, floors and painting works are now complete. The Andrea Vogt Roadsie Stand is almost complete, remaining work are the signs and logos which I intend to fix over the weekend. I have notified the local council authority about our project, other offices visited are the Government Internal Security Office here in Muhokya and the Sub county chairman office. I will be notifying the District Community Development office plus the Probation office that handles children issues notifying them about our project soon. I have also purchased 120,000 bricks plus 2 trips of sand to prepare myself for erecting a kitchen plus some extra room for the cook on the site. Some guy in town is making me some double Decker beds. I believe we can start sheltering the orphans here in August. A night watchman has been hired on the site to keep an eye on our investments. Images below:


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