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BiZoHa - world’s first atheist orphanage - Update #6

Posted: Sun, April 12, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Hi our supporters and well wishers.

All is moving on fine at the BiZoHa Orphanange site in constructions and on farmlands. There is a wet season already running and much of the land has been used actively to generate crops that will help as start up foods to feed some occupants at the site.

The building has been face lifted by applying an under coat of paint on the front part, am yet to put a final White color at the front, the sides bearing the gables or pins have been painted orange, the school color for Kasese Humanist Primary School, a Humanist logo has been fixed on the lower wall facing the highway.

Happy Humanist Symbol
Happy Humanist Symbol

Also, Kasese Humanist Orphans logo will be engraved next to the Happy human symbol on the building soon. A portion on the front face of the building will have a complete list of all those who donated on this cause.

Plastering works is still in progress inside the unit, what remains to be done also is adding a veranda, working on the flooring and general finishing.

Am however tasked also to get some beds to furnish in the rooms and putting inside doors to the inside rooms.

Thriving BiZoha Crops
Thriving BiZoha Crops

I have today hired some expert technician whom i usually use to fix glasses on the shutters. As usual I opted to use the one way Bluish glasses which i hope will give the building a smarter look after the general finishing of the entire unit.

Due to the high level of inflation of the Dollar against the struggling Uganda currency, most building materials locally have gone up and this has drastically affected our budgeting process but so far not bad as most vital works are complete.

Windows Installed at BiZoHa
Windows Installed at BiZoHa

We are so grateful getting our first house on the property and many thanks to the generous donors who made this happen. Remember we are breaking the monopoly by religious zealots and charlatans that we as people win non-belief cares about the plight and challenges faced by orphans in the Rwenzori region.

Am attaching some of the images of the current works.

With Science, we can progress.

BiZoHa Orphanage Building
BiZoHa Orphanage Building


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