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BiZoHa Orphanage - Building Fast!—Construction Update #3

Posted: Thu, March 19, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwamable Robert

The land to house the orphanage is along Mpondwe –Fort Portal Road as named on Google Earth but locally its called Kasese – Mbarara road, near Muhokya Trading center, some 8 minutes drive from Kasese Town. This land oversees the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake George can be viewed as well.

It’s like my dreams are coming true seeing the immense support in our current project aimed at putting in place an orphanage which will also have a school, farmland, playing field, Guest houses, Craft shop to mention but a few.

Like it has been reported, the area under planning is 7 acres.

I am happy seeing people from all walks of life chipping in anything they can such that we reach out to helping more orphans access better evidence based learning that is balanced and free from dogma and indoctrination s.

Its our duty as humanity to understand our role in this world rich in biodiversity, we have the potential to move mountains, to plant trees, to fight hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease.

Let’s unite and work for the common good of humanity. I know very many religious zealots would feel jealousy seeing a freethinker coming out with such an innovation but actually that’s what we are, we put humanity at the center of everything!

Here is an update on what is going on at the site:

The construction exercise of the first block to serve as a hostel for the orphans is in progress. The unit has so far reached beam level and I have just finalized pouring the beam.

The building has been constructed with bricks of nine nine as its locally nick-named to give it a strong thicker wall all over, the ring beam all over the building makes the building firmer and strong to withstand earthquakes which are common along the Rift Valley.

I have procured ventilator bricks which are going to be fixed above the windows and door ways, its estimated that tomorrow 20th March 2015, the building will reach at wall plate.

I intend to plaster the unit immediately the builders finish up the building to protect it from the rains which are just around the corner.

Have purchased extra bricks amounting to 6000 to help in pushing the building to wall plate, veranda and works on the pit latrine.

I have already ordered for timbers to do the roofing, all these activities are going to be done early next week.

On a separate note, the pit latrine digging is now complete at 30 feet deep, i will be putting a slap on it in the next 2 days. It will have three stances.

So far no bad, all is moving on fairly and steadily. Attached are some of the images of my works.

Yours in free thought,

Bwambale M Robert

Pit Latrine - 30 feet deep
Pit Latrine - 30 feet deep


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