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BiZoHa Orphanage - Construction Update #2

Posted: Fri, March 13, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Construction of the building unit to house 20 children at the BiZoHa site has begun today 13th March 2015. The exercise is estimated to be complete in 2-3 weeks.

A metallic kiosk owned by the KHPS School Director was ferried to the site to act as a storeroom for building equipments and sheltering a night watchman to look after the property. You can view images of the building unit on this article.

The locals in Muhokya where the orphanage is located have welcomed the project and are looking at it with great admiration and excitement; they are looking at it as opportunities to get their area develop.

A point should be noted about Muhokya - it’s the oldest town before even Kasese Town, the Kasese Area locals know about this, it’s a mining town with minerals rich in lime, Calcium Carbonate, traces of Sodium Carbonate, oil and Kaolin. The area lies in the tourist zone sharing part of its border with Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The area lies along Zero Degrees (Equator) and has close proximity to Lake George. Most of its people especially locals are fishermen and fish mongers.

On the other part of the coin, there is too much taking of alcohol, high rate of prostitution, high HIV Prevalence, unemployment, poverty, diseases and ignorance.

Many people in this area of older generations have perished to diseases associated with promiscuous acts like STD and HIV/AIDS hence there are scores of orphans, the presence of graveyards on some properties there indicate that many people have lost their lives.

BiZoHa Orphanage is committed to sheltering as many orphans as possible, and BiZoHa will give the rest of the orphans in the area access to facilitates owned by the orphanage. There are plans afoot to put in a clinic, a school, shops, a restaurant/coffee shop and some guest houses for volunteers and tourists.

The orphanage is located along the Trans-Africa Highway commonly known as Mpondwe Fort Portal Road on Google Earth while locally it is known as the Kasese–Mbarara road.

The house under construction will be completed with ease as the goal depicted in the financial budget was met by generous well wishers in secular communities worldwide.

Kasese Humanist Primary School went into this because we want to break the monopoly of religious groups running orphanages. We people with secular and rational minds are also concerned about the plight of orphans, these boys and girls have a right to live lives like that of non orphans.

As the project is big in magnitude, well-wishers can continue supporting this project through the Brighter Brains Institute. There is a Donate button for this on the right hand site of the webpage

Alternatively, you can email theOrphanage Director at


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