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BiZoHa Microfinance Collective - started by BBI lenders

Posted: Fri, October 28, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Humanists Lending Humanists, Bizoha Microfinance Collective, joining hands to empower each other in our journey to debunk poverty, disease and irrational superstitious beliefs. Money is got thru hard-work ... and not by going under the sea or selling the souls as some Religious Zealots mislead people. Science & Reason rocks!

Bizoha Microfinance Collective is a new innovation by Brighter Brains where Generous personalities in the world of free thought donate funds to worthwhile projects created by organized groups like Kasese Humanist.

At our school we are lucky to have benefited from a microfinance loan courtesy of Zelevinsky & Davida who chipped in 2500$ to boost up running projects by a section of teachers at Kasese Humanist Primary school plus our farm manager.

All in all the Beneficiary Leaders were initially 5 and due to the need to serve several teachers at the school since other had different tastes where they want to spend the loan, i rationed the loan according to need. The donated funds will attract a low interest rate of 10% the total amount received in a period of 6 months.

Among the projects running include piggery, secretarial services, pork joint, Eating Food Joint, Farming top up, Fish selling, craft shoe making and a Craft shop.

The Loan program will rotate over the time such that other members of the teaching staff benefit from the exercise. On behalf of the School Management, I thank the donors for having supported this as it has empowered my teachers and they assured me that these loans will take them to another level and also it will favor them to save for a purpose and learn how to manage finances meaningful.

Images of progress of the loan beneficiary activities will be posted periodically as they unfold.

Small business keeps Uganda growing, With Science, we can progress.


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