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BiZoHa Hostel and the Harvest

Posted: Wed, July 22, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

Some 8 mattresses for the orphan beds has been purchased and their respective rooms within the hostel getting a coat of paint.

The BIZOHA Hostel is being painted with Ripple Green color in the rooms with a skirting of orange to give the taste of the KHPS School color. The beds have been made and will soon be arranged in the rooms. The mattresses are already purchased and both the Matron, Cook and Cleaner have been offered vacancies to commence work in a months time.

The harvests (corn, beans have been harvested from the gardens and will provide start up food to feed the orphans. For the start, we shall house/feed/care for 8 orphans all of them natives of Muhokya/Kahendero/Lyemibuza and later next year we shall add more from the current Kasese Humanist Orphans to shoot up our number to more children.


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