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BiZoHa Farmland

Posted: Wed, September 23, 2015 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

Our rain water harvesting tank is functional since we are now in the wet season, the Bizoha Occupants have constant supply of water. As concerning drinking water, i ferry some forty litres of safe and clean drinking water for the kids to drink.The other tapped water in Muhokya is not treated either.

I hired a tractor to plough the remaining land at BIZOHA site. It is now a fresh season most likely to run till November. I had already utilized the other acres for active farming planting ground nuts, corn and beans. In this fresh ploughed land, we are putting maize meant for the schools plus the orphanage.

It should be noted that though some farming is being carried out at BIZOHA site right now, in more years to come, all will be phased out in our journey to serving the wider public with a series of services. May be we shall reserve some small demonstration gardens at this site.

The reason why no farming in more years is our fresh project of the BIZOHA Farmland which is an expanse of land located in the soil rich irrigated zone of Muhokya where planting crops don’t rely on timing seasons but instead irrigation water being got from the Muhokya River.

Today was harvesting moments at the BIZOHA Farmland where throughout the whole of this week, we shall be harvesting beans and we are anticipating harvesting close to 4 sacks which is a big boost as far as feeding the two schools plus the orphans housed at BIZOHA site.

The farmland is located in the irrigation zone with water supplied by River Muhokya. We are looking at developing this area into a modern and viable farm with a potential to feed our projects with food and selling out the surplus to cover the running costs however we also have proposals of putting some housing establishments for the farm workers and volunteers who are fans to farming.

I have contracted some two workers on this farm to dig out a fish pond as the water to keep it in existence is available and the soils are clayey with a potential to retain water for some good time. I am aiming at making this place viable for active crop farming.

The farmland currently has bananas, mangoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, cabbages, beans, sugar canes, tomatoes, dodo and onions.

Potential partners, volunteers and investors with intentions of working hand in hand with Kasese Humanist Primary School are highly welcome.

Remember cases of hunger still prevail in Uganda and it’s a great shame to sit silent when we have the soils which can support crop growth that might save lives. The idea that God, god or gods will save us from hunger is a myth and not a statement to rely on or trust, we as humans should work hard and we prepare, cultivate the land and yield crops for the benefit of our survival, without food we will all die, It’s our initiative as Humanity to act and save ourselves from hunger, we need food in order to live, think and plan for a today and better tomorrow.

I purchased some timbers to make wooden furniture to serve as seats for the BIZOHA Orphans and the items are to be made at the KHPS vocational workshop in Rukoki in a few days.

We are putting maize, cassava and cabbages straight away. I will be purchasing some 200 eucalyptus trees to plant on the western side of the farm to create a small forest to cater for firewood and timber some time in the future.

To give your idea or thoughts or support towards this initiative, visit our website at

Attached are some of the images shot today.


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