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BiZoHa Enrollment Going UP—168 Students

Posted: Sat, March 12, 2016 | By: BiZoHa (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert

Enrollment at the Bizoha Campus - Muhokya is steadily going up: Take a look at the trends in the last three weeks since the school opened its doors to the people of Muhokya, Kahendero and the nearby suburbs.

The school term commenced with 51 children on the first day and on ending the first week,we had registered 95 pupils.

On the second week, we ended it with a total of 138 pupils and in the just concluded third week, we ended it with 168 pupils.

It should be noted that at the school we are sponsoring close to 87 pupils on the Day Scholar program while those housed in the hostel are 16, among these orphans only ten have not reported back and their families tell us different stories while others have changed locations.

However I am encouraging the beneficiary families to take this privilege of Sponsorship as a golden chance since our intention is to show generosity towards the orphans to give them some chance to have an education which in most cases aims at improving or adding value to the future lives of the children and their families.

We are planning a Parents Meeting soon at the school to welcome our parents, tell them more about the project and encourage them to love and own the school for better growth.

Scores of parents so far are appreciating the Bizoha School and the entire Kasese Humanist Primary School Projects and am optimistic more children will join the school.

I do thank the International community for standing together with us in our long journey to putting in place good schools with a straight focus to evidence based learning, dogmatic free learning environment and without forgetting our efforts of debunking irrational superstitious beliefs, poverty, disease, ignorance and illiteracy.

Attached is the enrollment records for the last 3 weeks.

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