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BiZOHa Children receive presents from generous Sponsors

Posted: Fri, November 11, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Adding a smile to our pupils, Children at Bizoha receives a donation of clothes, shoes, toiletries and fees renewal for next term to 8 children courtesy of Davida LeComte, Darren Muise & Greg Burnett. Many thanks in advance for the generosity.

I today dished out 16 pairs of shoes and scores of clothes to some sponsored children courtesy of Davida LeComte, Darren Muise, and Greg Burnett.

The shoes were sourced out from my regular shoe supplier based in Kasese Town who is a stockist of quality second hand shoes which according to Uganda standard are far better than the cheap Chinese made Brand New shoes which dont last longer.

I bought blouses, skirts, dresses for the girl child and next weekend, i will source out clothes for the boys. In addition each sponsored child benefited by having his or her tuition for next year renewed. Davida and Darren, great thanks for supporting these children at the same time helping out in taking our project to another level.

After offering the gifts to the children, i encouraged them to keep in school, shun away from bad peer groups which might derail them out of school and advised them to think critically, work hard and concentrate on studies since its only Education that unlocks all doors.

Attached are some of the images captured of me dishing out the clothes and shoes.

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