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Biba Kavass article published by Global Mayors’ Forum

Posted: Wed, March 04, 2015 | By: Misc./BBI

Biba Kavass — Brighter Brains Institute Active Fellow and Secretary of the Board of Directors — has one of her articles published in “Dialogue to Global Mayors” - a 54 page online magazine published by Global Mayors’ Forum.

The publication describes itself as:

“a high-end global forum for urban development organized by influential organizations and enterprises from all around the world.”

Biba’s article - “Sustainability in Social Giving: Empower Youth to Embrace Global Change” - is reprinted from her essay originally posted at, HERE

Her article in the Global Mayors’ Forum includes six photographs from the Genesis Chicken Farm project that Brighter Brains Institute launched to help COISER Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.

Biba’s work with her student groups in Memphis, Tennessee, to support microfinance operations around the world through KIVA is also examined in depth.

Congratulations, Biba!

The article - which will be republished again by India Times - can be downloaded HERE

The cover is depicted below.


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