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BBI’s new “Girls Humanist Orphanage” will be in Kanyenze (not Buhanga)

Posted: Tue, March 21, 2017 | By: Kanyenze

​BBI launched a successful campaign Sunday, March 19—$1,773 was raised in 24 hours, to construct a “Girls Humanist Orphanage.”

16 people donated to the campaign, many in very large amounts. Thanks! We appreciate your help!

Originally, the orphanage was going to be situated in Buhanga, as part of the Mother Givers Humanist School. In the midst of the campaign, however, it was revealed that the space intended for the orphanage was - arguably - not actually available - it had been semi-reserved for a classroom by another group (Friends of Buhanga - Australia).

A quickly-held meeting of the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Association was held to discuss and vote on the matter… the group determined that the space, indeed, was not available for BBI - but another option was provided—adjacent land could be purchased for the orphanage.

This added budget feature didn’t appeal to BBI director Hank Pellissier… a quick email to Kanyenze Humanist School’s director - Loice Ngunguro - revealed that her humanist school would be happy to have the girls orphanage! Problem solved. 19-24 girl orphans in Kanyenze will soon have a new home.

The originally-intended Buhanga location was poorly located anyways - it was on the edge of a cliff. Building a structure there would probably require a gutter system on the roof ($250) that led to a nearby water tank ($500). Trees to prevent erosion of the cliff might also have been needed…

BBI is very happy to be on level, solid ground, at Kanyenze. The area is agriculturally fertile, says recent visitor Lily Rose, (Cambridge University anthropologist, who visited Kanyenze last week.) Perhaps a garden can be installed to help feed the orphans?

Kayenze has a clinic that is very well-funded by the Atheist Community of San Jose.

The orphanage will be directed by the Kanyenze Women’s Group—this is the only “women’s group” that BBI is affiliated with that actually has women in all of the highest leadership positions.

BBI thanks everyone who contributed, to make this campaign the fastest, easiest-to-fully-fund campaign we have launched since the BiZoHa campaign in 2015 (that raised $5,000+ overnight).


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