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BBI visits Uganda Humanist Schools, Orphanages and Clinics

Posted: Fri, June 23, 2017 | By: Humanism & Atheism

​From June 11-19, seven humanists from the Brighter Brains Institute were in western Uganda, visiting BBI’s clinics, schools, and orphanages.

The seven humanists were:

Karen Zelevinsky (the new BBI President, who delivered an inspiring speech on our feminist values at Kanyenze Primary School)

Werner Haag (representing Atheist Community of San Jose - he entertained the Bakonzo tribe with his own slick dancing moves)

Bob Pellissier (a generous BBI donor who handed out an abundance of school supplies, food, toys, to every school we visited)

Hank Pellissier (BBI founder - for the first time, he managed to NOT GET SICK visiting the lovely nation)

Carol Lloyd (Hank’s wife; she will be promoting girls education and women’s microfinance in the future)

Tallulah Pellissier Lloyd (Carol and Hank’s 17-year-old daughter - she taught “Baby Class” and was a shrewd observer of gender inequity)

Zenobia Pellissier Lloyd (Carol and Hank’s 13-year-old daughter - she enjoyed holding babies, and piglets, and blowing bubbles for kids)

This gang met up with BBI’s “man on the ground”—Aaron Silver-Pell - who has married a Kyarumba woman and they’re expecting their first child. Aaron was hugely beneficial but he speaks the local Bantu dialect and he’s well-known at our schools. He is going to be BBI’s paid inspector - its wonderful to have his expertise.

BBI whirlwind inspection included our projects in the towns of BiZoHa, Kahendero, Kasese, Nyakiyumbu, Garama, Kyarumba, Buhanga, Kanyenze, and Kabingo - plus we visited extensively with Robert Magara, the director of our sponsored school in Kanunga. A side trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park was also enjoyed.

We will be posting reports and photos of our excursion in the next week. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of us below with the driver - Sam - of the green Toyota van that moved us about.


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