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BBI supports Sex Education at Garama Secondary Humanist School

Posted: Sat, August 06, 2016 | By: Garama Secondary Humanist School

​by Nadeya Stella

this email below is from Nadeya Stella, director of MiWoDif (Garama Secondary Humanist School)


MIWODIF UGANDA is Thanking Alicia Tucker, Davida LeComte and John Robic for Supporting Sex Education Teacher and buying some of the materials used in sex education. [see photo below]

Your contribution is reducing unwanted pregnancies, helping students to know when to engage in love and how to control.

The donation you have made will change the lives of many Ugandan from dying with HIV/AIDS, Control birth rate and also prevent fistula among women thus improve women’s dignity because Fistula reduces women’s dignity in the community.

We the members of Mitooma women’s Dignity Foundation and Garama School are happy and appreciate your continued support to the women and students of Garama School and also the community of Kisinga in Kasese and Mitooma at large.

It is a great achievements in the history of MIWODIF UGANDA, This is a situation that will ever move way from our minds.

Sex Education Teacher Rhona Amutuhaire
Sex Education Teacher Rhona Amutuhaire


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