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BBI sends “Powdered Food” to malnourished Mangyan tribe in Mindoro, The Philippines

Posted: Mon, January 05, 2015 | By: Philippines

On December 20, 2014, Brighter Brains Institute sent a large box of “Replacement Food” produced by to Calapan City, on the island of Mindoro in The Philippines… it will arrive in 30-45 days. blends a water-based “DIY-Soylent” product.

The powdered food (chocolate flavored) will be trucked to the foothills of Mount Halcon, where an Alangan Mangyan indigenous community resides. It will be mixed with water and fed in bowls to the 140 children who attend the “reservation school” - San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy.

Mangyan holding bags of powdered food
Mangyan holding bags of powdered food

This is the second time Brighter Brains Institute has sent the Mangyans a relief box of Powderedfoods. The first box arrived on October 21, 2014. The

director - Sally Melendres - thanked Brighter Brains Institute via email:

“The children like the food very much!!!”

Very gratefully,

Sally and SLR Schools Administration Faculty, Staff and Students

Money to purchase the powdered food is obtained via crowd funding campaigns. Hundreds of dollars have been donated by transhumanists and soylent enthusiasts.

Aleh Manchuliantsau, the Byelorussian Founder & CEO of Powderedfoods, generously blended and packaged the nutritious ingredients, pro bono. Brighter Brains Institute pays for the shipping via a “balikbayan box” company.

The Alangan Mangyan live in the foothills and jungles of Mindoro. The tribe is often malnourished, largely illiterate, with frequent parasitical worms, tuberculosis, diarrhea, and measles, due to lack of clean water and sewage systems. In The Philippines, the Alangan Mangyan are “the poorest of the poor” - earning an average of $30/month.

The “reservation school” that’s drinking the powdered food offers K-8 education. Family members dwell on the school grounds, elevating the population to 300. The Alangan Mangyan subsist on root crops, snails, rats, insects, fruit, and neighbor’s rice left over on stalks after harvests. To squelch hunger they chew betel nut, an addictive substance that stains teeth black and leads to oral cancer. Healthy food is deeply appreciated here!

The Alangan Mangyan children were recently “de-wormed” via medicine provided by the Brighter Brains Institute. Brighter Brains also sponsors 35 of the children at the school; it pays the teacher salary and provides a daily lunch.

Remember, this is an ongoing campaign - you can donate to send another batch here:

Mangyan children served bowls of powdered food
Mangyan children served bowls of powdered food


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