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BBI passes (most of) the Fundraising for Buhanga / Mother Givers Humanist School - to Australians

Posted: Thu, March 23, 2017 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

​Buhanga—where Mother Givers Humanist School is located—was the most successful BBI project in 2017.

Our activities there included installing a clinic, building two classrooms and a girls changing room, bringing in clean water from the top of the mountain, purchasing 490 chickens to provide funds for the lunch program, plus smaller budget items like water tanks, gutters, teacher salaries, AFRIpads, orphan sponsorships, furniture, bags of rice, funds for a pumpkin farm, micro lending to Buhanga Women, etc.

Recently, our contributions to Buhanga have been exceeded by two new groups—Friends of Buhanga - Australia and Friends of Buhanga - Albany (a city in Australia). These two groups have contributed a huge amount of generosity to the little Ruwenzori village - a record of their extensive philanthropy is available here:

Most recently, the Australian groups funded a Science Excursion to Queen Elizabeth National Park—40 children from Mother Givers Humanist School enjoyed the trip!

Two former BBI donors - Meredith Newman Debens (who built the Future Path Classroom) and Kerry Mills - are spear-heading the Australian fundraising. They are greatly assisted by Kumaran Reddy—BBI’s Canadian representative.

In the future, BBI is going to limit its activity in Buhanga to 1) promoting humanism, 2) trying to elevate the academics, 3) monitoring its stablished projects (buildings, microfinance, chickens, clinic), 4) visiting/inspecting the BBI projects in June 2017..

BBI is happy to have jump-started Buhanga’s progress, and it’s happy to pass off the bulk of the fundraising to another group.

We’ve done this twice before: 1) the BiZoHa Orphanage project (2015) is now assisted by funders from around the world; 2) Garama Secondary School - after BBI established their credibility - has received very large grants ($30,000!) from two foundations in the United Kingdom.

Congrats to Buhanga, and we applaud their new Australian friends for their generosity.

The Australian groups can be contacted via their Facebook page here:


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