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BBI partners with Ruti Women Roadside Vendors

Posted: Thu, April 26, 2018 | By: Past Projects

The Brighter Brains Institute is partnering with a small new group - the Ruti Women Roadside Vendors.

The group consists of 6 women.

1. Maureen Turyasiima
2. Nassali Marygrace (chairperson)
3. Ayebare Miria
4. Kemigisha Gift
5. Prudence Tukamushaba
6. Namukasa Janet

The chairperson is Nassali Marygrace (0784549486 email:

The group conducts business in Kwetungura Market, on Ruti Road outside of the city of Mbarara.

The women sell items in stalls by the road. They sell food produce, like pineapples and mangoes, they woven baskets, mats, shopping bags and table clothes, and offer saloon services.

Their primary need is to fix the roof of their stall - it has many leaks and the rainwater damages their merchandise.

This is the eighth women’s group that BBI has partnered with.


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