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Africa Humanist Newsletter #4: Fistula Surgery, Prostitution, Goats, Orphans, Medicine

Posted: Thu, August 11, 2016 | By: Humanism

Our humanist projects in Africa (via Brighter Brains Institute and are advancing rapidly, despite opposition from Anglican ministers who spread rumors that our pupils are “possessed by demons.”

Our latest building is a “Girls Changing Room” at Mother Givers Humanist School, where girls can wash and change their AFRIpads. Thanks, Bradley Banks!

​Southeast Wisconsin Secular She-Thinkers (SWiSS) also contributed mightily this month. They sent maxi-pads to a Kyarumba school and they raised $450 to provide 85 girls at Garama Secondary Humanist School with AFRIpads.

What do we need now?

Ugandan friends are requesting help for terrible problems we never tackled before.

Fistula Surgery is needed when a hole opens up between vagina and rectum and/or bladder, due to prolonged labor. The hole renders the unfortunate woman incontinent; she drips urine and/or feces and is usually ostracized from her community. BBI wants to help three women. Masika Jovia’s operation has already been paid for by a generous donor, but Gorretti Yonganyaryo has suffered for 18 years, and Nakinkunda Edith is a social outcast “denied by all her friends.” Operations cost $400, if 20 people donate $40 the women will be healed. Donate HERE

“Leaving Prostitution” Workshop - Kahendero, the little fishing village where BBI’s Jane Shrimpton Clinic is located, has 125 prostitutes, including young girls (photo below). Many want to leave the dangerous AIDS-infested occupation, but they can’t find an alternate source of income. BBI is offering a “Leaving Prostitution Class” that provides job-training suggestions. Three donors at $30 each can pay the instructor. Donate HERE

Goats - Mughete Junior Humanist School wants a goat farm. Twenty sturdy ungulates ($59 each) are needed, to generate sufficient income to feed a nutritious lunch daily to Mughete’s 223 students. Donate HERE

Orphans - Mughete has 26 orphans who need sponsorship to remain in the school. $46 pays for their uniform, books, school supplies, and tuition for an entire year. Orphans are the poorest of the poor in Uganda. Donate HERE

Medicine is needed for the 15 humanist clinics that BBI operates in western Uganda. $25 provides enough medicine for a week. Donate HERE

We’re also seeking a sponsor to help us launch a new clinic at Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage Humanist School. $500 per school term (4 months). Donate HERE

Want to make a more significant contribution?

You can PayPal your generous amount to

or send a check to BBI, 425 Moraga Avenue, Piedmont, California 94611

ALSO—BBI is happy to take your “stuff” if we can sell it on eBay. In the past month we’ve been offered a Subaru, an American Girl Doll, a coin collection, a book collection, and a vintage record collection. Please keep us in mind…


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