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BBI Launches GoFundMe—Passion Fruit Farm for Kanungu Humanist School

Posted: Sun, December 17, 2017 | By: Past Projects

Kerning Humanist Primary School in Uganda needs a Passion Fruit Farm - income gained will help pay the teachers salaries.

Passion Fruit is highly profitable, due to delicious flavor and nutritional value. Information on how-to-grow-it and potential income is available HERE and HERE. The plant is a quickly-growing vine, producing several dozen fruit per plant.

Brighter Brains Institute has launched a GoFundMe to provide this:

Kanungu Humanist Primary School is directed by the Kanungu Humanist Association, that appears on local radio to dispute religious superstition, witchcraft, and the existence of “supernatural beings” - including those worshipped by Christianity and Islam.

The Passion Fruit Farm will pay for teachers salaries. Teachers in Uganda are notoriously underpaid -$44/month is the average - and they are frequently not paid at all. Their salaries are often dependent on impoverished parents paying for their children’s tuition - if parents refuse to do this, the teaches receive no wages. The Passion Fruit Farm income will guarantee that the teachers are regularly paid - this will provide a stable faculty, and superior learning environment.

Materials needed for the Passion Fruit Farm include: Tools, Seeds, Fertilizers, Wooden Poles, Wire (for the 30-foot vines to climb on)

The labor for the Passion Fruit Farm will be provided “communally” by the parents of the students and the faculty members.

Working together in Kanungu has been well-established by the previous setup of a Community Garden that successfully grew a huge harvest tomatoes, and by the recent launching of a Tilapia Pond , with 10,000 fingerlings.

All donors to the Passion Fruit Farm will receive regular updates of the progress, Thank You photos from community members, and receipts - TAX DEDUCTIBLE for US citizens.

GoFundMe here:


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