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BBI launches GoFundMe for Tilapia Pond, to support Kanungu orphans

Posted: Sat, September 09, 2017 | By: Past Projects

​Brighter Brains Institute has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a Tilapia Pond, in Kanugu. The fish will feed orphans in the village and profits will be subsidize their enrollment at Kanungu Humanist School.

Link is HERE:

12 percent of children in western Uganda are parentless due to AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, civil war, car accidents, murder, and other misfortunes. Orphans are the poorest of the poor. The majority end up criminals, prostitutes, or trafficked soldiers and slaves. They are often illiterate, because no one will pay for their school tuition.

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), a California nonprofit, has built two secular humanist orphanages in western Uganda, one in Muhokya/BiZoHa, the other in Kanyenze.

Tilapia is a native African fish that is easily farmed and reproduces quickly. Fried tilapia, tilapia soup, and chopped tilapia with groundnuts will be regularly fed to the orphans.

The pond will be 30 meters by 60 meters; Tilapia will fed on greens, corn bran, soybeans and groundnuts; No chemicals will be used.

All donors receive a tax deductible receipt (BBI is a 501c3) and regular updates - with photos - on the construction progress and economic benefits of the tilapia pond.

Donating $65 or more earns you a “Tilapia for Orphans” t-shirt. Just provide your address.


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