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BBI Launches “Buhanga Girls Humanist Orphanage” - via Successful GoFundMe

Posted: Mon, March 20, 2017 | By: Orphans

​The Brighter Brains Institute launched a successful GoFundMe campaign on Sunday, March 19 - it raised $1,423 in fifteen hours, to meet its goal - construction of a “Buhanga Girls Humanist Orphanage.”

GoFundMe link HERE

The orphanage will be located on the campus of Mother Givers Humanist School. It will accommodate 18-24 girls.

In rural Uganda, 13% of all children are orphans. Their parents died of AIDS, civil war, disease, or accidents.

Pictured below are Kabugho Alice (her Mother died in a fire) and Ithungu Macline (her Father died of Typhoid).

Buhanga is a tiny village (pop. 1,000) high in the Ruwenzori Mountains - it can only be accessed by trail.

Orphans are often denied education because no one pays their tuition. 70% are forced into crime; 37% get AIDS, 70% of girl orphans become prostitutes.

Education is the way out.

Buhanga Girls Humanist Orphanage is the second secular orphanage that BBI has built - the first was BiZoHa Humanist Orphanage - constructed in 2015.

BBI is partnered with The Friends of Buhanga - Australia. Info on their charitable acitivities is HERE - Join them on Facebook.

Children at Buhanga Girls Humanist Orphanage will be fed with funds from a Chicken Farm (provided by a previous project) and they will receive free medical care from a BBI clinic.

The project budget is below:

Additional info on Mother Givers Humanist School in Buhanga is HERE and HERE

The orphanage will be managed by the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Association, a humanist-feminist collective that directs BBI projects in the village.


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