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BBI launches “BiZoHa Women’s Empowerment Center”

Posted: Sun, August 13, 2017 | By: Women’s Empowerment

​Brighter Brains Institute has launched its first “Women’s Empowerment Center.” Our intention is to raise the social and economic status of women in Uganda - gender equity is required by our humanist principles.

The director of the Women’s Empowerment Center will be Ngabirwe Phiona, head teacher at BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School and chairperson of the BiZoHa Women’s Savings Group.

Our new project—called the “BiZoHa Women’s Empowerment Center—will be headquartered at our newly-constructed BiZoHa Humanist Center.

The BiZoHa Women’s Empowerment Center will offer lectures on humanism and feminism, and it will provide sewing lessons, via a sewing teacher and three sewing machines that BBI has provided.

Funds were provided by the David Thompson Fund. The amount contributed provided only enough cash for the first four months; after that, we will launch a campaign to raise additional funds. Eventually the center’s goal is to be self-supporting.

BiZoHa Women's Savings Group
BiZoHa Women’s Savings Group


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