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BBI is building an Atheist Nursery School in Kahendero, Uganda

Posted: Sat, January 09, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Brighter Brains Institute is raising funds to establish a new humanist preschool in Uganda.

This one is in Kahendero - a small fishing village on the shores of Lake George, adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The preschool will be situated on 2.5 acres of property owned by Bwambale Robert Musubaho. Bwambale will be the director of the new school; he’s also the director of Kasese Humanist Primary School (10 miles away) and BiZoHa Orphanage School (two miles away in Muhokya).

Brighter Brains Institute raised $27,000 in the last year for BiZoHa, via its website and two GoFundMe campaigns. The funds were primarily spent on the construction of 14 buildings - eight are classrooms, the remainder are a kitchen, dining room, dormitories, a clinic and a roadside stand.

Now that funding for BiZoHa is largely complete, BBI is embarking on the Kahendero project, to further its ambition to spread secular thinking across western Uganda.

the GoFundMe link is HERE

Lake George

The new nursery school will be called “BiZoHa Nursery School #2 - Kahendero.” The budget is $8,768.76 - this includes 3 classrooms, a kitchen, a clinic, and a 4-stance pit latrine.

Although Kahendero is idyllically set between two wondrous natural areas, it is a largely dysfunctional community afflicted by with myriad social problems - crime, drugs, pollution, disease, gambling, prostitution, alcoholism, illiteracy. BBI hopes the lives of its residents will be improved by our involvement.

Secular education is desperately needed in Uganda. Why? here’s the answer - when Uganda achieved independence the Anglican Church and Catholic Church stepped into the education business and have since indoctrinated the public schools. Even the Catechism is taught!

Many of Kahendero’s problems are caused by religion - for example, condom use is frowned upon by the religious authorities. The result of this idiocy? Kahendero has an AIDS epidemic that afflicts all age groups.

Information on Kahendero Fishing Village is provided in the interview below:

BBI: Are their orphans from Kahendero, who have been moved to BiZoHa?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho: Yes, among the pioneer orphans at BiZoHa, we have two from Kahendero. For the Kahendero school since they will only be 3-5 year olds, we will only have them as day scholars, but we will make it a priority to offer orphans free breakfast and lunch if funds allow.

Keeping younger children below 5 years in an orphanage hostel is hectic, they need too much care and attention and are prone to sicknesses most times.

As for the number of orphans, Kahendero has scores and scores of them.

BBI: I have read in Uganda newspapers that Kahendero has many problems. Drugs, Alcohol, gambling, prostitution. Can you tell me what kind of drugs? What kind of alcohol? what kind of gambling? Is there child prostitution?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho: The drugs in Kahendero are opium, marijuana, sniffing of petrol , boozing on waragi or gin, tonto, Malwa, Kwete, Kibuku, spirits and beer. Most common alcohol taken is the cheap waragi that comes in sackets with one costing as 500 UGX.

Gambling is there in playing cards, Mweso and sports betting.

Child Prostitutes

Prostitution is so high as there is a lot of joblessness among locals, the fishermen normally have chances of getting money on a daily basis and because of ignorance they just spend it anyhow as it comes in, the fishermen have multiple sexual partners.

There are high school drop outs at an early age, young girls engage in risky premarital sex, sex for money, sex for fun and there is high teen pregnancies and many teen mothers.

Prostitution is high in Kahendero because women have to make ends meet. Not all women succeed in business because they lack the skills, and then their family forces them into this risky activity. Prostitution is illegal in Uganda so they do it under cover.

BBI: Any other crimes that Kahendero is known for? Violence? Is the only occupation is fishing?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho: Other crimes include Petty theft and domestic violence. The major occupation is fishing but some people run small businesses like retail shops, salons, drug shops, carpentry workshops, bars and food joints, a few do farming in Muhokya and Lyemibuza.

Some young children also try fishing on small scale, the spoilt children dodge their school lessons to go fishing. This is a challenge in Kahendero. The children need to be exposed to learning in the classroom and given a chance to learn other skills.

BBI: What diseases are in Kahendero?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho: Common diseases are Bilharzia, Malaria,Cholera, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Kwashiokor , Marasmus, TB, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Typhoid etc. The transmission rate of HIV/AIDS is very high at the fishing village.

BBI: Will the clinic that BBI funds — can it provide free condoms and free tampons? My understanding is that those items are not easy to get in Uganda? Will our clinic there be unique?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho: Yes the clinic could provide: Free HIV testing and counseling, Free condoms, free tampons/pads, anti malarial drugs and free medical drill lessons on personal hygiene to the Kahendero community. This would make our clinic there very unique.


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